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Located in the very heart of Fjord Norway we have direct access to the most iconic Norwegian nature.

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Iconic Nature Experiences

Located in the very heart of Fjord Norway we have direct access to the most iconic Norwegian nature.

Join us on our guided sea kayak trips on the Hardangerfjord, The Queen of Fjords . Or go rafting or white water kayaking on the rivers in Eidfjord…afterwards you can enjoy hiking on the spectacular high mountain plateau, in Hardangervidda National Park.

On our glacier trips we take you to our neighbouring National Park, the Folgefonna National Park.

For a day trip Trulltunga is only 80 km. away, so we feel confident that we will be able to satisfy your hunger for extraordinary outdoor adventures .

The Best Adventures Philosophy

Being blessed with some of the World’s greatest nature Best Adventures feels a strong responsability to conduct all our activities in a way that leaves no trace in the nature. Our location is chosen specifically to meet the demand of having our activities in walking distance and thereby reduce the CO2 pollution.

We offer extraordinary naturebased activities powered by YOU ! Sustainable tourism (sometimes called ECO tourism) is the only way to secure that these great outdoor experiences can be shared with our grandchildren, their grandchildren and so forth…

Take environmental responsability , go green, and join us on our unforgettable trips.

Wide range of Activities

Your adventure starts here ! Best Adventures offers a wide range of different activities. From breathtaking blue ice glacier trips to peaceful sea kayaking on the majestic Norwegian fjords – and of course a lot of other exciting mountain and water sports activities.

Best Adventures being a Multi Activity Company enables us to provide instructors and equipment for all activities offered ourselves.

Whether you are looking for a calm and nature embracing experience or an adrenalin kicking adventure in the great Outdoors you have come to the right place.

Don’t hesitate to contact us for a lifetiime adventure.

Safety and Instruction

Your safety is of the uttermost importance to us. On all our trips we therefore have experienced guides / instructors who make sure everybody has been given the sufficient instruction and knowledge to manage any activity – that may be rafting , rock climbing, white water kayaking or ice climbing in the crevasses of the glacier – when you feel safe and know you can trust the equipment, no doubt you will enjoy your adventure on a higher level.

Our activities being naturebased, the weather plays a major role for our planning of the day’s activities. We always monitor the weather conditions carefully and our instructors conduct the activities according to the forecasts and their great experience, in order not to compromise the safety of our guests.